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November 6, 2013

Rivera reclaims victory as Lantigua ponders recount


Galvin also disclosed that his staff had a more substantial presence in Lawrence Tuesday than he previously acknowledged. Beyond the team of observers he sent, Galvin dispatched supervisors to polling places who could have overridden decisions by local poll watchers and other officials, including Maloney.

Galvin said the supervisors remained on the sidelines and did not intercede, including when Maloney removed a poll worker found campaigning for a candidate.

“We were there to provide guidance, assistance, and if there was an actual dispute, we would have enforced our prerogative over the city,” Galvin said. “But it wasn't necessary. The city was very cooperative. We think it was an excellent election for the City of Lawrence.”

Galvin said he would have no authority to oversee or intercede in a recount if Lantigua requested one, rebuffing an invitation from Rivera. But he said he would monitor any recount.

Lantigua has 10 days to request one.

Galvin said he already has sent the forms candidates need to fill out to request a recount to several municipalities where there were close races Tuesday.

He said the municipalities that will get the forms include Lawrence, where he said “we all know there's going to be a recount.”

In the meantime, City Clerk Maloney may release the vote tallies for the city's 24 wards today, after a delay City Attorney Boddy said was caused by the added diligence to other matters required by the extremely tight vote.

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