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April 21, 2014

Sound Off

British are coming!

What was the reason for the Battle of Lexington and Concord? Gun control! British soldiers marching to confiscate guns and ammunition from Americans.

Race card

Reading all of the pros and cons of the current administration, it is clear that both sides are wearing huge blinders. However the latest claim by the president and his attorney general suggesting racism is beyond all sane, logical discussion. They’re playing the race when someone in Congress disagrees with them. This will only diminish accomplishments by blacks and lessen their ability to be elected. How desperate the administration now looks.

Sad story

It is a shame that they found the 5-year-old child from Fitchburg dead, buried in suitcase. I blame the state of Massachusetts and the governor for not correcting the situation with the welfare system and the abundance of the case overloads. If the governor and state officials would investigate closely and separate the people who really need welfare assistance and the people who just don’t want to work and get a free ride (and there are many), just maybe the caseworkers of DCF could concentrate on the people who really need the help from the state. Maybe this situation could have turned out differently.

Keys to city

So Methuen Mayor Zanni and Chief Solomon have come to an agreement. The chief will not only get a settlement but also a new contract with perks. I guess it’s OK to mismanage grants, etc. these days. Why not just hand the chief the keys to the city and let the taxpayers of Methuen continue to pay for lawsuits, settlements and lawyers fees, as long as it makes the mayor and chief happy.

Dirty Harry

Harry Reid says that Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and the patriotic Americans and militia members who support him are now “domestic terrorists.” In that case, I’ve got a question for Harry Reid. What do you call a sleazy politician who uses strong-arm tactics to steal public land so he can sell it to the Chinese for profit? Wake up America! It’s Cliven Bundy today, but it could be you tomorrow!

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