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Merrimack Valley

December 4, 2012

Sound Off

Messy trail

Please have the decency to pick up after your dog when you walk along the rail trail in Methuen. This is not a latrine for your dog. No one wants too clean their shoes after stepping in your dog’s leavings. It is not the dogs fault; it’s you, the ignorant dog owner.

Boot illegals

Why is it that when Social Security and Medicare are mentioned they are explained as though the government is giving us something as if it is charity? Do people forget that working people had FICA taxes deducted from their pay checks weekly to subsidize this program? FDR set this up so that people could have a means of income for retirement purposes. We had a very substantial surplus when JFK, our illustrious leader of the ‘60s, saw a means of spreading the wealth and pilfered it for the purpose of setting up a welfare program. I have a perfect means of cutting a significant portion of the deficit, and it should be very visible to all of the politicians: Cut all of the illegals off of our entitlements as well as all of the frauds who are dipping in where they have no right to be. Where are the case workers? It is very evident that they are only employed to collect a pay check and not do their job of investigating.

Merry Methuen

It’s that time of year again. Time for Methuen’s annual property tax raise. We will all have to hear how it’s “only” so much for the “average” home. There’s never any mention of cuts. Mayor Zanni gave the firefighters millions, as expected. There will be a couple of token city councilors who will vote against the increases just to make it look good. Round and round we go. Just like a merry-go-round.

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Merrimack Valley

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