EagleTribune.com, North Andover, MA

May 7, 2013

Voters approve town budget of $144.9M

By Dustin Luca

---- — ANDOVER — Some 400 voters took up 25 articles at the annual Town Meeting last night, with much of the discussion focused on the town’s $144.9 million budget for the next fiscal year and how officials are managing employee retirement benefits.

Voting pushed past 10:30 p.m. last night and will continue tonight at the Andover High School Field House on Shawsheen Road. A heavy slate of zoning issues and a special Town Meeting on distributing a $1.4 million trust fund to the Cormier Family Youth Center and elderly programming will taken up tonight when the meeting resumes at 7 p.m.

Much of last night’s discussion was stirred by residents Bob Pokress and Bob Landry, who founded the website TownOfAndover.com with past-Finance Committee member Greg Rigby around a month ago. Pokress asked officials if they were aware how much of the town’s $14 million in public safety personal services — salaries and benefits for police and fire personnel — was being paid out in retirement benefits.

After Town Manager Reginald “Buzz” Stapczynski said he didn’t know how much the town was appropriating for benefits, other officials defended the town’s handling of such costs.

Landry asked voters to reduce the $14 million appropriated for town employees’ health insurance down to $12.9 million, saying there were ways the town could save on escalating costs. The amendment failed.

Voters narrowly agreed to pay former Superintendent Claudia Bach $1,397.51 to resolve a recently discovered contract issue relating to her longevity with the district. They also narrowly approved a $2.5 million proposal to renovate paved areas around Doherty Middle School.

Voters also rejected two articles — one to spend $500,000 on renovating the Ballardvale Fire Station proposed by ex-Town Manager Richard Bowen, and another to increase the town’s cost-of-living adjustment for retirees from $12,000-a-year to $14,000 a year.

The final vote of the night was in Article 25, aimed at raising $245,000 for a new fire rescue ambulance. The article passed by a mere six votes.

A third night is scheduled for tomorrow at the field house to take up what voters won’t get to tonight.



ANNUAL TOWN MEETING NIGHT ONE RESULTS A1: Election results. NO VOTE A2: Election not required by ballot. PASSED A3: Salaries of elected officials. PASSED A4: Budget. PASSED after 11 votes A5: Capital projects. PASSED A6: Budget transfers. PASSED A7: Supplemental budget appropriations. PASSED A8: Stabilization fund. PASSED A9: Free cash. WITHDRAWN A10: Unexpended appropriation WITHDRAWN A11: Housekeeping articles. PASSED after 11 votes A12: Granting easements. PASSED A13: Unpaid bills. PASSED A14: Chapter 90 authorizations. PASSED A15: Revolving accounts. PASSED A16: Youth Center land transfer. PASSED A17: Ballardvale Fire Station renovation. FAILED A18: Doherty Middle School site work: PASSED A19: Support for civic events. PASSED A20: Elderly and disabled transportation program. PASSED A21: Jerry Silverman fireworks. PASSED A22: Deyermond Sports Complex monument (Amended from $25,000 to $20,000). PASSED A23: Retiree COLA increase. FAILED A24: DPW vehicles. PASSED A25: Fire rescue ambulance: PASSED