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November 29, 2013

Haverhill firefighter arrested at his Methuen home

By Douglas Moser

---- — METHUEN — A longtime Haverhill firefighter voluntarily turned over 13 firearms and two crates of ammunition to Methuen police after he was arrested on assault and battery charges Wednesday evening.

Keith W. Grant, 45, 5 Greenlawn Ave., Methuen, was arrested at home Wednesday evening and charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and threatening to commit a crime, murder, after allegedly punching his daughter’s boyfriend multiple times, hitting him on the head with a metal tiki torch and threatening to kill him, according to the police report.

Grant voluntarily turned over the firearms and boxes of ammunition. A judge at Grant’s arraignment yesterday ordered police to hold them. He is licensed to possess those weapons, police said.

Haverhill Mayor James Fiorentini said public safety Commissioner Alan DeNaro was aware of the arrest. Grant is not due back at work until Wednesday.

“We’re going to get the police report and see what exactly happened and take the appropriate action,” Fiorentini said. “If it is what we understand it to be, which is a serious charge, then we will take action.”

Gregory Roberts, president of the Haverhill Firefighters Association, said he did not know about the incident and could not comment.

Carrie Kimball Monahan, a spokeswoman for Essex County District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett, said Grant was free on $5,000 bail after his arrest. At his arraignment yesterday at Lawrence District Court, prosecutors asked that bail remain, but Judge Michael Brooks ordered Grant released on personal recognizance. In addition, Grant must stay away from the alleged victim, refrain from abuse and to turn over any firearms he owns to Methuen police.

Grant’s daughter’s boyfriend reported the assault at the Methuen police station Wednesday evening, saying he was waiting in a van in Grant’s driveway when Grant hit him. Grant’s daughter and her boyfriend have a baby together, and the couple was dropping off the child for the Grants to watch, according to police.

The man said Grant started punching him on the head, and when the man tried to escape, Grant picked up a metal tiki torch and hit him on the head several times as he ran to a neighbor’s porch. The man said Grant threatened to get a gun and shoot him, according to the police report.

Grant told police he confronted the man for coming to his house, and the man became argumentative and pushed Grant several times. When the man threw punches, Grant told police he picked up the tiki torch in self defense and chased the man off his property. He denied threatening to shoot or kill the man.

Grant’s daughter told police Grant is unhappy with their situation, and does not like her boyfriend because of the man’s criminal record. According to court documents, the man has pages of arrests, and a few convictions on charges like home invasion, armed burglary, armed robbery and drugs.

After the man made the report Wednesday, he was transported to the hospital to be treated for his injuries.

Methuen police Chief Joseph Solomon said Grant volunteered to turn over his guns and his license to carry. Because the judge ordered the weapons secured with police, though, they will remain there until the judge releases them.

Grant turned over a Sig Sauer 556 rifle, an AR15 rifle, a Thompson .50 caliber rifle, a Marlin X7 30-06 shotgun, two Remington 870 shotguns, a powder rifle, a Pardner SB1 rifle, a Remington Summit rifle, a New England Firearms shotgun, a Smith & Wesson .357 caliber handgun, a Smith & Wesson 662 handgun and a Smith & Wesson 380 handgun.

He also turned over a crate of rifle ammunition and a crate of miscellaneous ammo that included 12 gauge shotgun shells, 30-06 shotgun shells, 30-30 shotgun shells, .357 caliber cartridges and .38 special cartridges.

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