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December 5, 2012

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Thanks, deer

I am so glad that one of my “hero hunters” got gouged by an antler. I absolutely love when a hunter gets hurt. Now they know how it feels. I praise the stag.

Me, me, me

The “Me” generation has come of age and, yes, we who brought them to adulthood ARE to blame. The country has succumbed to adult, greedy children who want everything handed to them, as we did when they were children, and always to be the “victim,” never in the wrong. You can even see it in government as these young folks move to positions of power as “CYA” has become the norm at local and federal levels.

Me, too

I recently gave some young people a break and didn’t call the police and have been sorry for my decision ever since. Unfortunately, it was a lesson learned and I, too, have become part of the “Me’s”.

Bad math

The president and Democrats are insisting on raising taxes on the rich to bring in about $60 billion a year. The president is planning to increase spending next year when we already have a $1.2 trillion deficit, so by increasing taxes on the rich, we will still have a $1.14 trillion deficit. Did the president or any Democrats every get beyond first-grade math? Any moron can see that his plan is a total joke.

Musical torture

Personally I think that any living facility that has on music, any kind of music, 15 hours a day, seven days a week — in other words, every waking hour — is guilty of a form of cruel and unusual punishment. And if not that then just a pain in the derriere.

Right is wrong

So now the conservatives want to lower the taxes on the affluent and cut down or eliminate some things on Social Security. Who votes these guys in, anyway? But after this last vote, these people are on shaky ground and they already know it by their own admission.

Rude Zanni

This in regards to the article about Mayor Zanni’s refusal to name the lawyers he hired out of his own pocket for an opinion on the IT question: No.1, mayor you were rude to the councilor who asked for the names. It’s the council’s right to ask questions like this. No. 2, stop acting like a spoiled 2-year-old when the council doesn’t roll over and vote for everything you put on the table. The council represents the people of Methuen and should watch how money is spent, regardless of what you’d like.

Hillies 2001

Dave Dyer’s column Wednesday states: “Best of all, the (Haverhill) football team enjoyed a 21st century best (by far) 8-3 season.” Dave must not think that the year 2001 was in the 21st century. I’d say an equivalent 8-3 record, including an MVC championship, when the league wasn’t split into large and small divisions, and a playoff appearance in 2001 compares favorably with the 2012 team’s excellent season.


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