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Merrimack Valley

February 4, 2013

Sound Off

No Death Star

One of your letter writers has been watching too many kids’ “Star Wars” movies. He thinks we should build a Death Star and mentions how we could knock out al-Qaida and the Taliban. We could do all that now by sending a thousand planes over as we did to Berlin. After those planes there was nothing left. We would certainly get the same results and it would be much cheaper.

I blame Reagan

Another Sound Off writer thinks our troubled economy is caused by President Obama in just four years. This problem was building way back before Obama, Bush or Clinton. It may have started back when Reagan was in and laid off the thousands of airport workers. Of course, the fact we have been sending soldiers overseas for the last 70 years, from Korea to Iraq, might have been a strain on the budget, don’t you think?

NFL goes PC

What is wrong with this country? I see that an NFL player recently stated that he would personally have a problem playing with gay players. So what? He has a right to his opinion. We don’t have to agree with him. He is now in the middle of a media firestorm due to his comments. It is ridiculous how politically correct everybody has to be nowadays. If not, you have to pay a heavy price.

Hector’s rant

Hector Longo’s recent rant about trading Tom Brady is a joke. All he does in the story is rant about how bad Brady is and ask what he has done for us lately. Then he switches to say teams will give up their entire draft for him. Tell me, Hector, if Brady is that bad and, as you state, benefits from being in that crappy division, then who is going to want to trade their entire draft for him? You just don’t get it .

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Merrimack Valley

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