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New Hampshire

October 22, 2012

Gumbo goes home; Still recovering from fire

ANDOVER— Gumbo is out of the hospital, back on the farm.

The 6-year-old cat, burned in a barn fire six weeks ago, went home with his owner Saturday to New Hampshire.

“He’s always been a tough kitty. He’s been a tough kitty since the day he was born,” Harriet Finks said, stroking Gumbo during their reunion at Andover Animal Hospital.

Finks and daughter Elissa drove from their Perry Hill Farm in Bedford to Andover on Saturday afternoon to pick up Gumbo.

He’s doing just fine.

“Gumbo is doing really well,” veterinary technician Kristen Ingersoll said. “He should be going home with just minimal care. He needs to have some cream applied to one remaining sore on his back left leg.”

Gumbo is wearing a special cone collar that keeps him from getting at the sore and his tail. “He will still need to wear his (protective collar), but other than that he should have a speedy recovery at home,” she said.

Burn care was important for Gumbo. “He received daily bandage changes up until about a week ago. His paws were severely burned. Most of his paw pads had been burned and were falling off. He needed daily cleaning and changes to make sure they stayed clean and infection free,” Ingersoll said.

“We also applied creams to his ear tips. They were also burnt. They have since healed up and are looking pretty good,” she said.

His tail is a concern but is still a part of him.

“The tail, we suspect it should be fine. He’s started to try and bite on it a little bit. So we’re just wondering if it’s because he can finally reach it. It has since healed over and the fur is growing back,” Ingersoll said.

Gumbo seemed pleased by both the reunion and the attention.

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