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March 4, 2014

Pelham man arraigned for machete attack

Man allegedly dropped machete, went for butcher knife

By John Toole

---- — SALEM — A Pelham man charged with trying to attack his sister with a machete appeared for an arraignment yesterday in 10th Circuit Court.

Judge Robert Stephen approved the $50,000 cash bail for Dennis Lozeau, 57, requested by police prosecutor Dennis Mannion.

Mannion told the judge Lozeau not only admitted to trying to attack his sister, but threatened to harm himself as well.

“We feel he is a danger to society,” Mannion said.

As of yesterday afternoon, Lozeau remained in the Hillsborough County jail.

Mannion outlined Lozeau’s criminal record, which includes convictions for assault, battery and operating under the influence dating to the 1970s.

Lozeau refused to have the judge detail the two charges against him, first-degree assault with a deadly weapon and attempted first-degree assault with a deadly weapon, or to comment about the bail request.

“No, I’m good with that,” Lozeau told the judge.

He did request an attorney, saying he could not afford his own.

Stephen said no plea to the felony charges could be made and a probable cause hearing will be scheduled later.

“The state’s request is reasonable,” Stephen said in approving the bail.

Should Lozeau make bail, Stephen ordered him to stay away from his sister, Dianne Wilson, and her Pelham home.

He is to refrain from possessing weapons.

The arraignment lasted about 10 minutes.

Two Pelham officers accompanied Lozeau, who was being held at the Hillsborough County jail in Manchester.

Police arrested Lozeau after he went to the police station Friday afternoon and told a dispatcher he had come to turn himself in for attempted murder.

Patrolman Bismark Montano and Sgt. Anne Perriello met with Lozeau.

“While speaking with Dennis, I noticed a distinct smell of an alcoholic beverage coming from his breath,” Montano said in his sworn affidavit filed with the court. “During the patdown, I located a bottle of vodka with half of its content inside one of his pockets.”

Lozeau told Montano he had left his bicycle in the parking lot and then he told the officer much more.

Lozeau said he and his 65-year-old sister jointly own their home on Hinds Lane, but she has been criticizing him about not working for six months.

On Feb. 20, their dispute turned serious.

“Dennis stated that on the date of the incident he was in his room sitting in a chair watching TV and drinking some vodka,” Montano wrote. “According to Dennis, he heard Dianne talking about him, how useless he is.”

Lozeau told Montano that his sister threatened to kick him out and that he wanted to cut her head off, but his niece, Danielle, 29, stopped him.

“I just lost it. My niece wasn’t involved, but she was there to stop me,” Lozeau told Montano. “Otherwise, it would’ve been murder.”

Lozeau admitted to investigators that he lost control.

“I just remember standing in the living room with a machete in my hand,” Lozeau told Montano.

“Dennis told me he swung the machete at Dianne, but did not land the machete on her,” Montano wrote. “Danielle got in the middle in an attempt to stop Dennis, but she was struck in the arm with the machete.”

The niece later told police the machete left a red mark on her arm, then fell to the floor.

Lozeau told Montano he then went into the kitchen for a butcher knife and confronted his sister.

“Dennis stopped six feet away from Dianne, dropped the knife on the floor and said to Dianne she was not worth it,” Montano wrote. “Dennis then walked away into his room.”