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New Hampshire

February 6, 2014

Tales from a snowy day in N.H.

Some residents stay put, others head to work

Town Manager Kevin Smith got a first-hand look at Londonderry plowing operations from the shotgun seat in a town plow during yesterday’s snowstorm.

“Out with our plow guys,” Smith posted via his Twitter account. “Good to see more plows than cars on the road right now. Brian the plow guy is being extra careful. We’ve only had to ‘move’ one trash bin.”

Brian is Brian Bubelnyk, a veteran plow operator for the town, who consented to having the boss accompany him on rounds.

“I wanted to get a real sense of how these guys do their jobs,” Smith said.

Bubelnyk was giving Smith a lesson or two about challenges that include more than stray trash barrels.

“It’s a lot easier when the road ends in a cul-de-sac than a dead end,” Smith said.

Smith found his few hours on the road yesterday a beneficial learning experience.

“Plowing is a very important service for the town,” he said. “I want to make sure we’re doing a good job and also being respectful and taking care of property.”

Smith’s adventure was one of many as people in New Hampshire coped with the big storm.

Tales were plentiful as snowflakes.


By mid-afternoon in Atkinson, it was quiet throughout town.

“There are barely any cars on the road,” police Chief Al Brackett said. “People smartly decided to stay home.”

He praised the work the highway department.

“They are out there and continuing to make the roads better,” he said.


The town’s animal control officer, Sheila Johannesen, was among those who decided to weather the storm at home.

“I’m staying home and heeding the warnings,” she said. “There is nothing so important that it can’t be done tomorrow.”

But Johannesen, 60, occasionally found herself outside, trying to move any snow she could with her not-so-reliable 30-year-old snowblower.

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New Hampshire

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