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June 11, 2013

Officials looking for 'uncommon' street name

Residents' ideas sought by Friday

By John Toole

---- — PELHAM — Selectmen want to rename Pelham Common Highway.

“The Board of Selectmen is inviting Pelham residents to suggest new road names for the short road located behind the former fire station,” they announced recently on the town’s electronic message board.

“The road will be repaved as part of the roundabout project and the BOS feel that its current name, Pelham Common Highway should be changed,” the announcement read.

The deadline is Friday.

Planning director Jeff Gowan is getting lots of suggestions.

“I’ve got them coming in left and right,” Gowan said.

Nineteen suggestions had come in by last Wednesday.

Meeting House Way and Carriage Shed Lane are rooted in town history. The original town meeting house was nearby and carriage sheds once lined the road.

Selectman’s Road was one suggestion, but note that is singular and doesn’t reveal which of the five selectmen the nominee had in mind.

Stone Wall Street was proposed because of the stone wall that bounded the original town common in 1751.

Roundabout Way acknowledges the twin roundabouts project that is reshaping the town center.

A couple of suggestions salute the departed fire station, Old Firehouse Road and Old Firestation Way.

Tim Wholey proposed Matt Wholey Lane, in honor of his late father, who he said was one of the original founders of Pelham Little League.

“As for my request, the irony is my father’s two signs — “No Thru Traffic, Per Order of Selectmen” — have ‘guarded’ the entry ways of the short road since the early ‘70s, when he donated them to the town to notify residents that the road was not a thruway,” Wholey wrote to Gowan and Selectmen’s Chairman Ed Gleason.

The signs are down now because of all the town center work. Wholey retrieved them from town officials.

“I feel his spirit in the signs as I look at them and would be honored if there was a lasting image in that very spot going forward,” Wholey told them.

Other people have come up.

Richard Mansfield Way would honor a former fire chief. Lyons Street would remember a late, beloved police officer, Dennis Lyons, whose name already adorns Lyons Memorial Park.

Pelham Common Highway isn’t much of a highway, by New Hampshire or any other standards. It can’t be confused with Interstate 93.

“It’s about a 300- to 400-foot ride,” Gowan said.

People can mail suggestions to Pelham Planning Department, 6 Village Green, Pelham, 03076 or email them to planning@pelhamweb.com.