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New Hampshire

January 4, 2014

Frigid weather prompts warnings

Experts: Bundle up and limit time outside during cold weather

Residents eager to get outside and clean up after the first nor’easter of 2014 were urged to pace themselves.

Bitter cold and biting wind made for a dangerous combination, one that continues today.

“Dress warmly and in layers if you have to be outside,” said Chris Adamski, bureau chief for the New Hampshire Bureau of Infectious Disease Control. “If you have to shovel, make sure you take some breaks, so you’re not in the bitter cold for so long.”

Temperatures were as low as 5 degrees below zero Thursday night into yesterday morning, according to the National Weather Service. Temperatures were in the single digits yesterday afternoon and were expected to dip below zero again last night.

“The worst of it is over, but it will still be very cold,” National Weather Service meteorologist Andy Pohl said. “The wind chill is what will really get you.”

The wind chill was expected to be well below zero last night.

“You have to dress correctly,” Pohl said. “Dress in layers and just try to stay warm.”

Adamski said it doesn’t take much to develop hypothermia.

“It really varies with individual and length of exposure,” she said. “Some may have higher risks than others. Individuals who are older, their body is more vulnerable. Their ability to regulate cold temperatures decreases with age. If you have an older neighbor, make sure to check on that person.”

Parents should also be wary of their kids playing outside.

“With any kind of bitter cold, a child shouldn’t have any exposed skin,” Adamski said. “With little kids and especially babies, their ability to regulate temperature is less than adult, so bundling up kids is extremely important.”

Also of concern is frostbite.

“Make sure to cover all exposed limbs,” Adamski said. “If you don’t have your gloves on, there may be tingling or itching in your hands. “

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