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September 28, 2013

About our beard-sporting Red Sox fans

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Tim McCarthy: The Salem, N.H., resident said he showed off “my cool beard’’ on Beard Day, Sept. 18, at Fenway Park. “Go Red Sox!’’ he said. “Make it three this century!’’

Stan Mitchell: He was born, raised and educated here, but has since moved to Omaha. He remains faithful to The Red Sox. “I was told by my bother-in-law (who lives in Groveland and is a decades-long subscriber to the Eagle-Tribune) that you are seeking pictures of Sox bearded supporters,’’ he said.

He offered this poem:

“There are those who say Bosox are weird.

In the AL our Red Sox are feared.

Stay out of our way,

‘Cause this is our day.

‘Twould be best if you did fear the beard.”

Dottie 2.0: She’s a stone dog who resides at 28 East Main St., Gloucester. “Dottie 2.0 is no fair-weather fan,” said owner Jennifer Anderson. “She has had her Red Sox gear on since the beginning of the season. My brother-in-law bought the dog at a second hand store and painted her to look like the real Dottie, our family dog.

“We started dressing her up occasionally as a joke, but it has taken on a life of its own,’’ Anderson said. “People look forward to what Dottie 2.0 has on, and she has become very popular, especially when someone dog-napped her a few months back. The people from East Gloucester and the city were outraged and disappointed, until some nice person brought her back home safely. Go Sox!!!!!’’

Tom Laughlin: He is proud of his baseball team — and his beard. “I hope that everyone is ready for the playoffs,’’ he said. “I am sure our Red Sox will go far.’’

Phil Olsen: He simply offered, “Go Sox!”

Chip: His ZZ Top-variety long beard is coming in handy for this Red Sox fan this year.