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October 16, 2013

Officer says raw Quarter Pounder made him sick

Policeman says he was served a raw burger

DERRY — Just after midnight on Saturday, Derry police Officer Rob Moore did what he does once a week. He went to McDonald’s on Crystal Avenue during his break to grab a bite to eat.

But this time was different.

Moore ordered a double Quarter Pounder, but after taking a few bites, he thought it tasted funny. He looked inside the bun and saw why: One of the two patties was completely raw.

“It was absolutely disgusting,” Moore said yesterday. “I just couldn’t believe what I was just served.”

He doesn’t believe the raw meat was an accident. He thinks it was deliberate.

“I was the only one in the drive-through line and I was in full uniform,” Moore said. “After I pulled up to the window, the teenager there gave me a look. I don’t really believe this was just an accident.”

When Moore got home after his shift a couple of hours later, he started to get sick.

“Everything was green when I got home,” he said. “I had nausea and was vomiting all night. I couldn’t sleep and I was sick all day Saturday.”

That night, Moore called McDonald’s and asked to speak to the manager.

“He pretty much apologized to me and was sorry for what they had offered me,” he said. “They offered to give me a tour of the kitchen, but they didn’t offer me anything else. I wasn’t happy with that conversation.”

Later that day, he received a phone call from Emile Haddad, the owner of the McDonald’s franchise.

“It was more of the same,” Moore said. “He was sorry for what had happened. He told me the procedure for cooking a burger, which seemed pretty foolproof to me. They told me they had this video and the kid knew it wasn’t cooked. Then they said they were looking to fire the kid who made the burger for unsafe food practices.”

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