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November 6, 2013

Pelham's seniors explore their artistic talents

Pelham seniors work with local artist


Loureiro and her husband, Manuel, enrolled after the library staff told them about the class.

Loureiro has always had an interest in pencil drawings, but the class is making a difference for her.

“This makes me sit down and do it,” she said.

The course isn’t a big expense for the seniors. The $20 fee includes supplies.

Dancer has them working with acrylic paints, which he said is easier than the oils he prefers for his paintings that have won awards.

Yesterday, Dancer took turns working on a landscape of his own, explaining technique as his students looked over his canvas, then sitting down individually with his students to critique their projects.

“These brushes are so stiff. I’m going to soften them a bit,” he tells them, dipping the brushes in water.

Nearby, Loureiro sketched a sleeping baby, based on a drawing from an art book she brought to class.

Dancer left his landscape to check on the students.

“I think yours is really working better than that one,” Dancer told Loureiro, admiring her effort.

“You’re probably taking something he did and improving it,” he said.

Dancer gave Loureiro tips on shading and they discussed the challenges of drawing hands.

Then he demonstrated for Verdina how to blot water color from her moistened pencils to lighten the canvas.

“A lot of times you can use blue for a shadow, which gives you cool for a shadow,” Dancer told her.

“Just watching and listening to him you pick up so many tips,” Verdina said.

Dancer paused over her sketch of a boat as he colored a sail.

“If I bring the red up to the yellow it will bleed in and make orange,” he told her.

Dancer previously taught art in schools and sees a difference in motivation for his new students.

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