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October 7, 2012

NH Campaign Notebook

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — New Hampshire House Speaker William O’Brien recently released his agenda for the upcoming session.

O’Brien did so before the election and before the House picks a speaker.

Maybe he should have consulted Rep. Lee Quandt first. Quandt, from Exeter, announced he’s running for speaker if re-elected to the House. Quandt vowed to restore “respect and decorum” to the House.

“I promise first and foremost to never forget that, no matter what party you are, no matter what position on a bill you have, even if it is different than mine, you will have the right to express that position without fear of retaliation,” Quandt said.

You can bet this will affect somebody’s parking space outside the Statehouse next session.

Among those O’Brien announced backing his return as speaker are Reps. Mary Griffin of Windham and Al Baldasaro of Londonderry.

Enough of Obama

Sen. Sharon Carson of Londonderry and Sen. Chuck Morse of Salem held a press conference in Concord last week to promote Mitt Romney and oppose President Barack Obama.

The theme of their press conference was, “We can’t afford four more years.”

Who’s watching the debates?

Certainly, the campaign staffs.

Obama campaign aide Holly Shulman emailed 10 “fact checks” to reporters the morning after the first Romney-Obama debate. Romney campaign aide Tommy Schulz sent out one.

Question of the week: Is cluttering email boxes of reporters an advantage or disadvantage for campaigns? Discuss.

Gary was here

It could be our imagination, but when Vice President Joseph Biden’s son Beau stopped at MaryAnn’s Diner in Derry last week, we swore he sat at the very same table where Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson conducted an interview last year and admitted he liked an omelette.

Strom comes up

Beau Biden played the Strom Thurmond card while in Derry.

Asked about his father’s relationship with Paul Ryan, Biden cited an example of his father’s ability to get along with combative colleagues in Congress. He recalled a special invitation his dad received from the family of a former senator who bolted from the Democrats to join Republicans.

“Strom Thurmond’s family asked him to eulogize Senator Thurmond when he died in South Carolina. Strom Thurmond ran as a Dixiecrat in 1948 as a segregationist,” Biden said.

“So, I mean, my father has relationships with Republicans, Eric Cantor and the Speaker, that are real. So I’m confident he has great respect for Congressman Ryan,” he said.

Kevin’s back

Republican gubernatorial runner-up Kevin Smith wasn’t on the sidelines long after his primary loss to Ovide Lamontange.

He showed up in Atkinson for a Lamontagne rally with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and former Gov. Steve Merrill.

Then last week, he found an issue for November. Smith was participating in the effort to win passage for a state constitutional question that would ban an income tax in New Hampshire.

Planned Parenthood chases votes

Planned Parenthood announced last week it will pump $500,000 into the campaign to try to sway independent women voters for Maggie Hassan in the governor’s race and Chris Pappas for the Executive Council.

Pappas is seeking to represent the Executive Council district that includes Londonderry.