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November 4, 2012

Don't Print That

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Was Sandy a he?

As the region started preparing for Hurricane Sandy last week, National Grid Massachusetts President Marcy Reed briefed media on what her company was doing to prepare for the storm.

As she started to speak, however, she admitted she still didn’t understand everything about Sandy days ahead of its arrival.

“I haven’t even determined the gender of this storm,” she said.

That’s all folks

Windham fire Chief Tom McPherson was in the middle of recording an eagletribune.com video about the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy when his phone rang. The ring tone was the theme from the “Looney Tunes” cartoons.

It clearly wasn’t Bugs Bunny calling, probably just Daffy Duck, because the chief professionally silenced his phone, apologized and tried to continue his report on road conditions. But then laughter emanated from inside the town offices. It was all over for the chief at that point, as he broke into a big grin. Time for Take Two.

Special Delivery

In the midst of Superstorm Sandy, Methuen Mayor Stephen Zanni drove around surveying damage with Public Works Director Ray DiFiore.

Apparently, the mayor is good at multi-tasking. According to city councilors, Zanni also found time during the storm to hand-deliver them copies of his IT privatization plan, which goes up for discussion tomorrow tonight.

Senior moment

Whenever there is an election in Salem, selectmen are assigned polling places to check on.

As Chairman Patrick Hargreaves was making the assignments at the board’s meeting Thursday, he announced, “I’ll take the senior center.”

The Ingram Senior Center is where three of the five selectmen vote in elections.

Selectman James Keller couldn’t resist taking a dig at his colleague.

“That’s appropriate,” he said.

On his way to fortune?

Jay Flynn, who used to serve as an assistant district attorney in Haverhill District Court, appeared to be well on his way to a successful career as a prosecutor and lawyer.

Flynn, however, has left the DA’s office to start his own computer-related business. His former associates predict he’ll make some serious money.