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New Hampshire

November 5, 2012

Temple of Witchcraft move concerns some


The Temple of Witchcraft has about 100 to 150 local members, and approximately 300 to 400 total world-wide, Kenson said. Many take the organization’s online courses.

“We’ve been looking for office space,” he said. “We’ve been growing very quickly.”

Neighbors don’t have to worry about dark spells being cast upon them or objects suddenly soaring through the air, Kenson said.

The group’s teachings aren’t something you will see in a Harry Potter book, he said.

“It’s not really much like Harry Potter,” he said. “We don’t believe in what in some people refer to as dark magic.”

Prayer is a very important part of the organization’s practice, he said.

To help dispell the misconceptions, the temple held an open house at the proposed site on Halloween, distributing fliers to neighbors to give them a chance to learn about the organization and its teachings.

Only five people showed up. Some asked if they were handing out Halloween candy, which they did, Kenson said.

It didn’t help that the open house was scheduled only two days after Hurricane Sandy hit the area, knocking out electricity to more than 7,300 residents in Salem.

Moldoff and Kenson said they don’t anticipate the proposal to encounter any obstacles. The temple is a permitted use in that area, Moldoff said.

Kenson said the organization is working with the town to make sure it meets all requirements. He said he welcomes questions from residents who don’t understand their religion or would like to learn more about it.

Moldoff and Hickey said they weren’t aware of any complaints or concerns about the organization in the two years it has been on Main Street.

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