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November 6, 2012

Derry sends two Democrats to House

By Julie Huss jhuss@derrynews.com
The Eagle-Tribune

---- — DERRY — Two Democrats will be heading to Concord to represent District 6 in the House something that hasn’t happened for a while in this traditionally Republican town. Eight Republicans will be going, too.

Democrats Mary Till and Betsy Burtis won House seats with 6,547 and 6,294 votes, respectively.

The turnout was impressive with 16,389 of the town’s 18,594 registered voters — about 88 percent — casting ballots.

Early totals gave GOP Rep. Brian Chirichiello the top spot with 7,332 votes. Rep. Jim Webb had 7,102 votes; Rep. Beverly Ferrante got 7,071; Rep. Frank Sapareto got 6,637; Rep. John O’Connor had 6,549; and Bob Fesh received 6,074.

Other Republicans, who were not incumbents, making the cut were David Thompson with 6,373 votes and David Milz, 5,854.

Milz said he didn’t think standing at the polls swayed anyone’s vote once they arrived.

“I firmly believe that signs don’t change anything,” he said. “It’s all about people and finally putting a face to your name.”

Poll volunteers said lines moved smoothly even with the new Voter ID Law in effect.

Many people had identification in hand when they lined up for a ballot.

“No one is being denied the vote,” Webb said. “It’s a little inconvenience but that’s its.”

Dorothy Butler forgot her ID when she got to Calvary Bible Church, but was happy to run back out to her car to get it.

“I think it’s the best idea on the planet,” she said. “I would have walked home to get it and it’s a good idea to protect everybody.”

State representative Rockingham District 6 (elect 10) Includes Derry Christian Bright (R) 5,793 Brian Chirichiello (R) 7,332 Beverly Ferrante (R) 7,071 Bob Fesh (R) 6,074 David Milz (R) 5,854 John O'Connor (R) 6,549 Kevin Reichard (R) 5,760 Frank Sapareto (R) 6,637 David Thompson (R) 6,373 Jim Webb (R) 7,102 Nick Arancio (D) 5,596 Elizabeth Burtis (D) 6,294 Bobby Jones (D) 5,807 Mary Till (D) 6,547