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New Hampshire

October 5, 2012

Biden's son campaigns in Derry

He says father is ready to debate Ryan next week


Romney, as Massachusetts governor, unsuccessfully tried to cut veterans benefits, then last year proposed the “voucherization” of the Veterans Administration, he said.

“Last night, you saw Gov. Romney embrace the voucherization of Medicare. Very straightforward. There’s a consistency there,” Biden said.

“Voucherization of the VA would fundamentally change a program that has been in place for centuries in terms of making sure the government honors its commitment to those who serve,” he said.

Medicare reforms supported by Romney-Ryan could cost consumers $6,000 to start, he said.

“That’s a hit,” Biden said.

A spokesman for the Romney campaign responded by reiterating Romney’s accusation, raised in the debate, that Obama took more than $700 billion from Medicare to fund health care reforms.

Biden was reluctant to preview the debate but did say he expects his father to talk about his experience, ability to work in a bipartisan manner, and the differences between the tickets.

Those differences are there for voters to see, he said.

“There is a very stark choice for the people of New Hampshire to make.”

Romney spokesman Michael Levoff agreed.

“Under President Obama, we will have four more years of the last four years, with a stagnant economy that fosters government dependency,” Levoff said. “Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will once again make America the best place to start a business, expand a business or find a job.”

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