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New Hampshire

June 10, 2014

Derry runner sprints into Hall of Fame


The race was shortened in 2002 due to weather. In 2003, Fram took second with a time of 1:03:27, beating his masters record by just over a minute, Stifler said.

Fram has run several times since then, regularly setting records as he moves from age group to age group, Stifler said.

Fram’s ability to handle the course year after year makes him a prime athlete among runners, Stifler said.

“I can run an 8:30 mile on a track,” Stifler said. “Going up Mount Washington, I’m running a 13-minute mile if I’m pushing.”

Fram’s typical pace puts him at a mile finished every nine and a half minutes, Stifler said.

But Fram said he prepares for a mountain run like it’s any other race.

“I’ve heard of some people getting on a treadmill and running on an incline for quite a long time,” he said. “I don’t train any different for Mount Washington than I would a half-marathon. I put in my long runs, and I put in virtually the exact same training I do for longer road races.”

Fifteen runners have been inducted to the race’s Hall of Fame since it formed in 2010. Fram is one of two entering in 2014, Stifler said.

The other soon-to-be Hall of Famer crossing with him is Dunham.

Both men couldn’t be happier.

“I’ve always had a little extra competitive feeling with Dave because we’ve been so close,” Fram said, “every time we’ve raced each other, whether it be a 5K all the way to a marathon.”

Fram and Dunham will be formally inducted into the Mount Washington Road Race Hall of Fame on June 21.

But Fram isn’t sure if he’ll attend. Two tears in his calf earlier this year will keep him sidelined, and there’s no fun being a spectator when you could be running instead, he said.

But that isn’t to say he won’t return at some point. And when he comes back, he expects Dunham to be there.

“I just set goals,” Fram said, “and I’ll try to run against him each year.”

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