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May 2, 2014

Beavers blamed for industrial park flooding

Beavers blamed for flooding

LONDONDERRY — Blame the beavers.

That was the word yesterday from fire Battalion Chief Mike McQuillen when firefighters responded to a report of flooding in an industrial park on Liberty Drive.

Water was inching its way toward 12 Liberty Drive, home to Cobra Machine Corp. and 603 Brewery.

The source of all that water was a series of beaver dams on nearby Independence Drive, McQuillen said, compounded by recent rain.

“The dams were in place and all the rain we received was just enough for us to catch a problem,” McQuillen said. “There were three different dams that had to be taken apart.”

The beavers had done a good job, but the dams they built created a small lake where no one wanted one.

One dam was set up to stop water flow and another dam nearby kept it from draining into another tributary, McQuillen said. The water then flowed down the path of least resistance — to the back doors of Liberty Drive property owners.

Geoff Hewes, co-owner and manager of 603 Brewery, said he was surprised by the flooding.

There was no property damage, but there was a silver lining. The brewery, which just moved to Londonderry about six months ago, is preparing to pour a new concrete slab for outdoor milling, he said.

“During the winter, it’s damp back here, soggy if you will. This is the highest I’ve seen (water) since we got here,” Hewes said. “It’s good to know it could happen.”

There are several other dams that weren’t destroyed yesterday, McQuillen said. Doing so will be tricky because the property is privately owned.

“The highway department is going to reassess that,” McQuillen said. “I believe the property owner will look to trap and relocate (the beavers).”

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