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May 8, 2014

Market Basket hosts World Series trophy

Red Sox fans crowd Market Basket

LONDONDERRY — Hundreds of Red Sox fans lined up at Market Basket on Route 102 yesterday for a photo with the 2013 World Series trophy.

One fan who was alive for the 1918 Sox win made the trip to see the newest trophy.

“We had one guy who was 97 years old here,” said Earl Hawkes, a district manager for Coca-Cola, which made the tour possible. “He was in a wheelchair and we held it with him.”

There was a steady line of people throughout the two-hour ever. Red Sox staff members were on hand to take people’s cellphones and snap photos of them with the trophy.

Sisters Dotty LaMonda, 53, of Londonderry and Shirley McKeon, 60, of Lee were on a day out when they saw the trophy in the store.

“We said, ‘We need a picture,’” McKeon said.

Londonderry residents Ron and Debbie Crecco brought their grandchildren to see the trophy after seeing a sign announcing the visit yesterday.

“It’s shinier and flashier than it is on TV,” Kris Haken, 15, said.

Kyle Anderson, a 19-year-old produce employee at the store, came in on a day off to pose with the trophy.

He said it was the best day of his life.

“I’m the biggest Red Sox fan at this Market Basket,” Anderson said. “I wouldn’t miss it. My hands are shaking just thinking about it.”

Others were there for another reason.

Derry resident Joe Holt, 59, wanted a photo of himself with the trophy to send to a friend in California. That friend happens to be Tim Teufel, who played infield for the New York Mets during their 1986 World Series run.

Holt was living in Greenwich, Conn. , at the time, the only Red Sox fan in a New York crowd that celebrated Bill Buckner’s game six blunder.

“I had to live through all the disgrace,” Holt said.

The Mets gave their players miniature versions of the World Series trophy.

Now, Teufel has a photo of Holt with a full-size trophy belonging to the Red Sox.

“It’s much bigger than his,” he said. “Now, we have the trophy.”

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