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New Hampshire

November 14, 2013

Gray requests new trial

Former Salem official seeks his freedom from prison


“Do you recall testifying there was no DNA test?” Gray asked.

“Yes,” Bliss said.

The sergeant later said he remembered bringing the test kit to the state lab in Concord.

Bliss was the first — and only witness — to be called to the stand yesterday by Gray before Wageling decided to continue the hearing until after Jan. 1 because it was taking too long, according to interim County Attorney James Boffetti.

The hearing began about 11:15 a.m. and lasted much of the afternoon.

Wageling warned Gray several times that he was taking too much time when questioning Bliss. Gray shuffled through paperwork while handcuffed.

“My advice continues to be that you have an attorney,” Wageling said. “We have been in the hearing for a while and haven’t accomplished much.”

Gray is serving as his own lawyer because he claims his two public defenders, Anthony Naro and Julia Nye, did a poor job of representing him. He has subpoenaed Naro as a witness.

During the trial, the victim testified that Gray forced her to have sex. She also told jurors Gray liked to wear a diaper and pretend to be a baby before raping her and urinating on her. Gray also demanded that she pretend to be his mother, the woman testified.

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