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February 7, 2013

Delivery options

U.S. Postal Service wants to cancel Saturday service

The U.S. Postal Service may change Karen Tierney’s Saturday routine.

Every other week, the Litchfield resident said, she heads to the mailbox to pick up her paycheck.

But that could change in August if the USPS follows through with plans to cut back first-class mail delivery to five days a week.

Tierney was shopping for greeting cards at Annie’s Hallmark in Londonderry yesterday and was upset when she heard about the plan.

“I don’t like that idea. My company mails our paychecks on Thursday and we get it on Saturday,” Tierney said. “Saturday is the one day of the week that I pay a little bit more attention to mail because I am home and in a relaxed environment.”

Package delivery would continue on Saturdays, but the USPS claims it could save $2 billion a year by cutting Saturday deliveries.

Tierney’s not the only one who’s upset. The state’s letter carriers and congressional delegation are angry, too.

“People want their mail delivered on Saturday and if they want it delivered, they will go somewhere else,” said Wayne Altiserio, president of the New Hampshire State Association of Letter Carriers. “(The USPS) is stepping over a dollar to pick up a dime. If you’re going to go there with a package, why not bring the mail, too? We have a lot of packages we’re already delivering. “

But officials with the USPS, which saw a $15.9 billion loss in the past budget year, say the move is necessary.

“The postal service is in dire financial conditions,” said Tom Rizzo, spokesman for the USPS Northern New England District. “The Postal Service Board of Governors offered a directive that we use all available tools to reduce expenses and get to a stable financial footing.”

Alterisio thinks there are other options.

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