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December 20, 2012

Local gun sales surge since Conn. shootings


It was fear for their personal safety that brought one Derry couple to Al’s yesterday. The couple, who declined to give their names, said a recent break-in at their home prompted them to purchase a rifle and a handgun.

But it was the Sandy Hook shootings and the call for tighter restrictions that led them to buy weapons as soon as possible.

“We put a rush on buying a gun here because we are unsure what the government is going to do now,” the woman said.

She said tighter gun control laws would make it more difficult for citizens to protect themselves.

Bacon agreed.

“It makes it more dangerous for everyone,” he said.

Bacon said although he sympathizes with those affected by the Newtown tragedy, it was the act of an unstable person — not firearms — that was responsible for what happened.

“This child was a ticking time bomb,” he said.

Other gun shop owners also said they have been flooded with buyers since Friday, including Bob Williams of Affordable Firearms in Pelham.

“It’s been very, very brisk,” Williams said. “Since it happened, you can’t keep the stuff on the shelves. They are afraid they are going to stop selling them.”

Williams said his business has doubled since Friday. People are eager to protect themselves while avoiding any tougher restrictions that could be implemented, he said.

The gun shop owners said both handguns and rifles are selling fast. Especially popular is the AR-15 semiautomatic, Williams said.

The increase in sales caused backups at stores because it was taking longer for the FBI to conduct background checks, store owners said.

Terry Goode, owner of Collectors Firearms & Militaria in Pelham, said he’s seen a steady increase in sales since the tragedy Friday.

But he’s seen an even bigger surge since President Barack Obama was re-elected in November because of the fear of tighter gun restrictions.

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