A Wilmington firefighter inspects an overturned truck on Ballardvale Street on the Wilmington/Andover line.

Mary Schwalm
Staff Photographer

WILMINGTON — A box truck carrying sweet corn overturned on Ballardvale Street yesterday morning near the Andover line.

The driver of the truck, Jim Munroe of Rhode Island, said another truck and two cars stopped abruptly in front of him, forcing him to drive over a curb and onto the grass. He made it out of the truck uninjured.

Munroe said the side of the road sloped into a ditch and he was unable to maneuver out of it.

"I couldn't get out of the ditch, the dirt gave way," Munroe said. "And when the dirt gave way, the truck just went over."

Traffic was detoured onto a nearby street as crews lifted the truck upright. Wilmington police and firefighters responded around 11 a.m.

Munroe said he was making a delivery to the Market Basket distribution center. "I just hope they can get it out of there without too much damage," he said.

— Jonathan Phelps

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