Wouldn't it be nice if there was a magic fairy who could sprinkle fairy dust over your child and "Voila!" they'd be able to give up their pacifier or bottle or be immediately potty trained?

Well now maybe you can. North Andover resident Cheryl Hajjar, 39, has co-written a book and created a song with her cousin to bring parents the "Paci Pixie."

The story of the Paci Pixie is supposed to help children give up their pacifiers without argument.

"The book helps the parents prepare the child to give up their pacifier," Hajjar said. "We have them prepare the child with the song and read them the book."

The Paci Pixie has her own childlike traits as well. According to the writers, the Paci Pixie is "quite chatty and excitable. She can be rather dramatic, even flighty or impulsive. She is often the subject of the 'Potty Pixies' pranks."

Hajjar, a songwriter by trade, has written some pop and country tunes, but it was her son who was the inspiration for this book.

"My son was having a hard time getting off the pacifier, so I wrote a nursery rhyme about it," she said.

Hajjar and her cousin Amy Perreault named their company Indigo Magic. They felt that the company would "fill a critical gap in the children's book market to overcome personal and shared parenting struggle."

The Indigo Pixies are a unique bunch. In addition to the Paci Pixie, there is the Bedtime Pixie, the Blanket Pixie, the Bubba Pixie, and the mischievous Potty Pixie.

"We liked fairies," Hajjar said. "If you see them (a pixie), they stand about 8 inches tall. We wanted to pick something that children can relate to, that is small and cute like them."

The series, which is self-published, is expanding, one book at a time.

"This is great for children to believe in a world of magic and a world of good," Hajjar said.

The Indigo Pixie books can be purchased at A Touch of the Sun tanning salon, in Methuen and Salem, N.H.

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