LAWRENCE — A woman was shot in the leg and her companion pistol-whipped following an armed robbery on Lawrence Street early yesterday morning, police said.

Maria Lucas, 26, of 139 Washington St., Lawrence, was shot in the leg, and Edin Castaneda, 29, of 28 Springfield St., Lawrence, was struck in the head with the butt of the gun.

Their injuries were the result of a robbery attempt at about 4 a.m., after Lucas, Castaneda and two others left an Essex Street nightclub.

As they were driving down Lawrence Street, the vehicle got a flat tire. At first, they drove into Farrah's Funeral Home and got out of their vehicle to change the tire. But they soon realized they did not have the right kinds of tools, so they parked the vehicle back on the street so it wouldn't get towed, according to the police report on the incident.

As they walked toward Erving Avenue to get a taxi, they were approached by another male who walked up behind them, passed them and then turned, pulling out a silver revolver and demanding money.

As one of the victims gave him $20, Castaneda reached over and grabbed the man's hand that was holding the gun. During a struggle, the gun went off and struck Lucas in the leg. She went down to the ground, police said, while Castaneda continued fighting with the assailant.

Eventually, the robber got the best of him and stood over him, striking him with the gun at least twice, according to the police report.

The gunman then took off running north on Lawrence Street, and possibly got into an older, red Honda. The man, who may have been in his 20s, was described as about 5-feet, 4-inches, thin, and having a goatee. The victims were unable to provide a description of the man's clothing.

The group then jumped into the disabled vehicle and drove to Holy Family Hospital where the victims were treated for non-life threatening injuries.

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