HAVERHILL — Police broke up a party at a Haley Road home and arrested 17 youths on underage alcohol charges Saturday night.

The investigation is continuing to determine if the homeowner and his teenage daughter should be summonsed into court for violation of the social host law.

Neighbors complained to police about the party at 6 Haley Road home about 9:53 p.m.

Detective Capt. Alan Ratte said when the officers arrived they saw three girls on the front lawn, and that they ran to the back of the house when they saw the cruisers.

Police said they observed a group running through the yard and jumping over a fence, and another group was seen running into the back door of the home and into the basement.

When officers followed them inside they saw beer cans scattered all over the basement.

The officers arrested 17 youths ages 17 to 20 and charged them with being under 21 in possession of alcoholic beverages.

They were returned to the police station and booked, and their parents called to get them.

There were cars parked up and down both sides of the dead end street and officers contacted the owners and had the cars removed.

Those arrested include: Colby Starner, 19, 24 Howard St.; Kelsey Gilligan, 17, 50 Farrwood Drive; Cameron Keefe, 18, 273 Hyatt Ave.; Gina Cesati, 18, 187 Cedar St.; Mary Lovely, 17, 1 Fernwood Ave.; Melanie Lynn Hodson, 17, 30 Peabody St.,; Alexis Libby, 17, 32 Pinedale Ave.; Erika Pratti, 18, 8 Cornell Road.

Also, Erica Jarosz, 17, 27 Peabody St.; Rachel Hodson, 17, 30 Peabody St.; Ryann McGuire, 18, 50 Riverdale Ave.; Madison Lewis, 17, 68 Homestead St.; Laura Thompson, 17, 35 Fernwood Ave.; Meredith Sweeney, 17, 10 Lincoln St., Merrimac; Alberto Stewart, 17, 18 Jackson St.

Also, Sean Milley, 20, 36 Orchard St., Merrimac; and Shaun Salerno, 17, 71 Woodmont Ave.

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