Tree killers

I absolutely agree with the letter describing the ongoing destruction of the eastern woodlands of Winnekenni Park. This was Haverhill’s gem of a park. Somebody should have asked if there was a better way to improve a forest without cutting down all the trees. How was this approved? The Eagle-Tribune should send a photographer into the park off Kenoza Street to document the tragedy. The logging company will make hundreds of thousands of dollars selling off Haverhill’s natural resource.

Nattering neocons

The same bunch that led us into the Iraq War, the greatest foreign policy disaster in American history, are now fuming that the president is only threatening Russia with economic and political sanctions over the crisis in Ukraine. Thanks, Sen. McCain, ex-defense secretary Rumsfeld and former vice president Cheney, but if it’s all the same with you, I’ll trust the guy who got us out of Iraq, got bin Laden, got rid of Qaddafi and got Syria to give up its chemical weapons — all without spending trillions or sending thousands of American troops to their death.

To ‘Whoops’

Look, pal, If you choose not to carry a firearm, that’s fine, that’s your business. But please don’t try to tell me or anyone else that we can’t carry. The Constitution gives us that right, and that is our business and none of yours. You say a man accidentally killed himself, showing gun safety to his girlfriend. Well, you said it yourself — accidentally. There are many accidents that kill people that don’t involve guns. So maybe we shouldn’t allow people to drive because car accidents also kill people.

Substitute president

Remember when we used to get a substitute teacher during the school year? Everybody would do all they could do to pull the wool over the eyes of the unsuspecting new teacher and almost always got away with it. Now we have a new “substitute teacher.” His name is Barack Obama. Although he is the leader of the most powerful country in the world, everybody seems to be taking advantage of his ineptness. China is threatening Japan. Russia is attacking Ukraine and on the verge of creating World War III. Syria is gassing its own people. Iran is building nuclear bombs. Egypt is in chaos, and Obama throws his support behind the Muslim Brotherhood. Our relationship with our only true ally, Israel, has never been worse. Germany is upset with us for spying on them. I could go on and on. The United States has never appeared weaker in a long time. With all this going on, the substitute teacher wants to cut our military. The rest of the world is laughing. Time to bring back a real teacher. Maybe someone who isn’t afraid to show his transcripts and qualifications to get the job done.

Tuesday, March 11

I see many signs to vote for people and for the Salem High School bond issue. Where are the signs to tell what the date is for voting? Why isn’t the date on the signs for the people running or for the high school project? It should be in paper, and posted at stores and along Route. More people would vote if they knew when it was!

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