• All files must be jpegs.
  • The best quality photo is a digital original, a jpeg file downloaded directly from a camera, smartphone, or online gallery.
  • Scans or digital originals must be at least 200 dpi resolution
  • Photo prints should be at least 3 x 4 inches on scan bed
The following methods will NOT produce a quality photo:
  • Scanning a photo that is laminated or in a frame.
  • Using a smartphone or camera to take a photo of the photo.
  • Scanning a photo that was already printed on regular paper, such as from a yearbook, newspaper, journal, or a color copy of the hardcopy.

IMPORTANT: Photos that already have dark tones will be even darker after printing on gray newsprint.

If the quality of a submitted photo is too poor to reproduce in the newspaper, we will make an effort to contact the customer. If the customer is unable to furnish a higher-quality photo, we reserve the right to run the obituary without the photo. The customer will be refunded for associated photo cost.