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Editorial: Justice served in two appalling cases

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Posted: Friday, August 15, 2014 12:05 am

In separate New Hampshire courtrooms, justice was served with long sentences for two men convicted of heinous crimes.

In Stafford Superior Court in Dover, Judge Steven Houran handed down the mandatory sentence of life in prison without parole to Seth Mazzaglia, convicted in June of the rape and murder of 19-year-old Elizabeth “Lizzi” Marriott of Westborough, Mass.

Mazzaglia, 31, throughout his trial and sentencing insisted he did not kill Marriott however he did acknowledge he helped cover up her death.

But Mazzaglia’s girlfriend, Kathryn McDonough, testified that she had lured Marriott to his apartment as a sexual offering for her domineering boyfriend. After Marriott twice refused his advances, Mazzaglia strangled her with a rope, McDonough testified. She is serving three years as part of a plea deal.

Mazzaglia’s heartlessness extended beyond the moment of his crime and into the courtroom. His lawyer had filed a motion requesting that Mazzaglia not be required to appear at his sentencing hearing, when his victim’s family members would be able to make their impact statements. The motion was withdrawn after prosecutors stated that Mazzaglia had made a call from prison to his mother in which he said he did not want to spend more than an hour listening to the family members complaining about their loss.

Enjoy the rest of your wretched life behind bars, Mr. Mazzaglia. You deserve every minute of it.

In a separate, unrelated case, a judge in Rockingham County Superior Court sentenced a Plaistow man to up to 67 years in prison for his brutal abuse of a 3-year-old boy.

Roland Dow, 28, was convicted in June of assaulting James Nicholson, the son of his girlfriend Jessica Linscott. According to Linscott’s testimony in the case, Dow treated the boy like an unwanted pet, “worse than a dog you don’t want.”

“No matter what my son was doing, he was doing it wrong,” she said. “My son couldn’t color the right way, he couldn’t eat the right way, he couldn’t talk the right way.”

Dow screamed at the child if he spilled crumbs while he ate and hit him in the head numerous times, Linscott said. If James soiled his clothes, Dow would make him go in the shower to rinse off, holding him down and spraying him with water. Sometimes, the frantic toddler fell in the tub and got hurt as he struggled, she said.

At one point the abuse of young James was so severe that Dow and Linscott dropped him off at a hospital and fled. The boy had a brain injury that caused temporary blindness, head-to-toe bruises as well as burns on one arm and hand. Dow and Linscott went to Florida, where they were arrested at an amusement park.

Dow was convicted of assaulting the boy, failing to get him medical help, coaching him to lie to a social worker and secretly recording the social worker’s visit.

In handing down the sentence of 251/2 to 67 years, Judge Marguerite Wageling said Dow’s behavior was deliberate, depraved and sadistic.

We could not have chosen better words ourselves to describe Dow.


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