Supporters of Ron Paul, the Republican congressman from Texas who is running for president, will go to extremes to support their candidate.

And next week, a Paul supporter from Derry will prove it.

Michael Layon and a few friends plan to jump out of a helicopter and parachute into Layon's back yard. It's all to promote a question-and-answer forum with the candidate.

Calling the event the "Leap for Liberty", Layon and his wife, Erica, see an analogy between the libertarian-leaning Paul and skydiving.

"When you sky dive, ultimately, you take responsibility for yourself. There's a reward, but also risk," Erica Layon said. "That's the essence of Paul; if people expect to have rewards, they should be willing to take risk."

The Layons might want to be careful linking such analogies to their candidate: Skydiving, like a vote for Ron Paul, may look like fun. But some may prefer not to take the risk.

The jump will take place Thursday, Sept. 29, weather permitting, at 6 p.m. The landing zone for Paul supporters is the Layon's home at 1 Lee Circle, Derry. To attend, please call 603-470-9464 or check in at

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