To the editor:

We are very fortunate, here in Atkinson, to live in this beautiful town and enjoy its friendly small town ambiance. I’ve been in love with this town ever since my wife and I moved here nearly 40 years ago and proceeded to raise our three children.

It takes the cooperation of all of us to make our town the wonderful place that it is, and it takes, in particular, the hard work of our elected town officials to keep it that way.

There is one man who has worked harder, longer and better than anyone else I can think of to make our town a good place to live: Phil Consentino.

Phil has served Atkinson for over 50 years, first as a volunteer firefighter, then as a police officer, eventually becoming chief of police, a position he held for decades. He has also served three terms (nine years) as a selectman, and he is the one who founded our Department of Elder Services (then called Elderly Affairs), a program that is much admired by towns across New Hampshire and is held up as the standard of excellence for other towns to emulate. He ably served as that department’s director for 20 years.

Phil Consentino has amply demonstrated, over the past half century and more, his devotion and commitment to making and keeping Atkinson a good place to live and raise children. His knowledge and wisdom make him eminently qualified for the demanding office of selectman. You won’t find a better candidate anywhere.

William M. Bennett


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