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Letter: Expanding vice won’t solve our problems

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Posted: Tuesday, March 5, 2013 12:05 am

To the editor:

It seems in times of crisis, we grab on to anything that we think might save us. It’s like a person drowning; he will use anything and anybody to lift him higher in the water.

The prospect of expanded gambling is similar. We want so much to have an easy solution to our economic problems. We see these big revenue figures and we become suddenly blind to such questions as: “What happens to the quality of life here in Salem and elsewhere in New Hampshire? Who are the gamblers and how are their families affected? How long will it be before we need more gambling to feed a larger state budget?”

Increasing the level of vice is never a good solution to an individual’s problem. It usually results in a tighter downward spiral into even more self-destructive behavior. It’s no different with the state. With the state, however, it is nearly impossible to get anyone to take responsibility for it.

Think long and hard about this before you vote March 12 on the referendum on expanded gambling.

David Costello



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