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Letter: Give jobs to the unemployed, not seniors

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Posted: Friday, October 12, 2012 12:05 am

To the editor:

The editorial you wrote on seniors working to pay for their taxes was great.

As a senior, I have worked over 55 years — sometimes two jobs after my husband died. I retired two years ago with my Social Security and a small pension.

I see a lot of seniors who still work because of the economy. This year there were no raises for seniors because they felt the cost of living didn’t go up. I also heard that food, oil, and gas was not a part of that calculation — so could someone please tell me what the cost of living includes?

Instead of putting seniors to work, why don’t they hire people who are out-of-work. I am so sick of people getting raises when they can use that money to fix roads with pot holes instead of putting out orange barrels.

If you want my vote I would say no until this economy starts picking up.

Janet Ventullo



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