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Letter: League’s lawsuit has little merit

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Posted: Friday, September 14, 2012 12:05 am

To the editor:

I’m outraged at the League of Women Voters lawsuit against the State of New Hampshire attempting to block the Voter ID requirement. Their position is that it blocks out of state students from voting this November. What a crock!

I had a picture ID from my college in 1969. Even many high schools have picture IDs. Did they take the SATs or ACT entrance exams? Then they needed a picture ID to be admitted to the test! Name one college in the state that doesn’t have a picture ID. Did any of these students get on a plane to come here? They needed a picture ID to get on it.

Colleges themselves often require a picture ID when applying or when you accept their invitation to become part of the incoming class. Do they have a driver’s license? Name me a state that doesn’t have a picture on their driver’s license. They never seem to without a picture ID when purchasing booze.

This is an obvious attempt to scuttle a law that was requested by the citizens of New Hampshire. I guess now the League has crossed over from independent voter advocates to a new arm of the Democratic Party. Another sham!

Don Blaszka Sr.

East Hampstead


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