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Letter: Romney’s record shows he isn’t presidential

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Posted: Friday, November 2, 2012 12:05 am

To the editor:

It appears that supporters of Gov. Mitt Romney are more anti-Obama than pro-Romney. If one would put aside their feelings for the president and focus on just Gov. Romney they would probably vote differently, because they just do not know Romney.

In the last debate, Romney supporters thought the governor sounded “presidential.” And well he did because he agreed with the president on 11 key issues that he previously and adamantly disagreed with. He sounded foolish when describing the Iran-Syria relationship and did not acknowledge or thank our brave servicemen and women for the last 10 years of fighting in wars started by Republicans.

Romney has changed his positions from the strong conservative of the pre-GOP convention nomination to a more moderate middle of the road candidate. He has made moves, like softening his stance on Planned Parenthood, purely to get votes and not tell us what he will really do if elected. After Paul Ryan was booed while telling a group of senior citizens in Florida Romney would overturn Obamacare, the campaign promptly dropped the issue.

Romney supporters look to his Massachusetts record with a lack of objectivity in hopes of finding something they like about him. But if one looks closely they will find that will not be the case.

Massachusetts ranked near the bottom in creating jobs. He claims he will create 12 million jobs if elected but he is not telling us how. Based on his past record he probably doesn’t know how. He claims he can work with both parties to get the job done. While governor he vetoed 844 items of which 707 were overturned by the Legislature. In particular, he vetoed the law that raised minimum wage in Massachusetts. That veto was overturned be 100 percent of the Legislature proving he not only cannot work across party lines but cannot work with his own party.

During the last debate he made a point of mentioning how well Massachusetts students did in national testing. That was true but he had nothing to do with it. The programs to help students achieve were put into place before he took office.

While governor he cut the budgets so steeply that state agencies could not perform in an efficient manner. The infrastructure deteriorated to a point that trucks were falling through overpasses, roads and bridges became a major problem, MDC pools were shut down, state parks were closed and left to decay, and roads were poorly plowed.

Economists all claim his budget numbers do not add up, he insists they will but will not tell us how he plans to make it happen. This is another reason why we do not know Gov. Romney.

Romney supporters should take the time to consider the two candidates on their own merits and not base their decision on their dislike of President Obama and a hope that Gov. Romney will be better.

As the old sayings go: You are better off with the devil you know than the devil you don’t. Let’s not change horses in the middle of the stream.

John W. Conte



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