To the editor:

We urge our fellow voters to re elect Barbara L'Italien as our state representative.

Barbara is a person her constituents can count on, whether it is working to lower health insurance costs for small businesses; ensuring our public schools have the resources to educate our children; or making sure seniors are receiving the care they need, at a cost they can afford. She has worked tirelessly for our towns in the best interest of all citizens. Barbara understands the issues and is willing to balance our needs with the reality of the difficult economic times.

Barbara as vice chairman of the Ways and Means Committee now has a position where her common sense and values can make a difference for all of us. We need her kind of determination and intelligent approach to all issues. We just wish we had more like her in the House.

We support Barbara because she has integrity and she's done a good job. We urge you to vote for her too on Nov. 2.

Andrew and Tina Girdwood


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