Our government cares more for illegal immigrants than Americans|Our government cares more for illegal immigrants than Americans

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Posted: Wednesday, February 27, 2013 11:05 pm

To the editor:

Regarding the Ann McFeatters column “What are we so afraid of”, Feb. 11:

I have no problem with immigrant families coming to America to have a better life. I know there are millions of Americans who feel the same way. What we do have a problem with is immigrants coming to America with no legal documents, living off our Social Security, our welfare system and Medicare, taking jobs “under the table” and not paying taxes. We stopped being proud of our government when they started messing with our budget, giving our money to anyone in need, except Americans! If my job was to balance the budget for any particular company, I would be fired long before it got to a point where the company was even $1 billion in debt, let alone trillions!

We stopped being proud of our government when they started doing things “for the people” only when it meant they got something out of it. I am sick and tired of hearing people say that we are “un-American” if we believe that immigrants should come here legally! I absolutely want to help immigrants have a better life; however, charity begins at home.

Why is it OK for the government to give our hard-earned money (without our permission) to illegal immigrants who have never contributed anything to our country? Why are we spending billions of dollars protecting other countries in war when our own country is trillions of dollars in debt? Why does the greatest country in the world still have millions of homeless people? Why do we still have millions of starving children? Why do we have a ridiculously high unemployment rate? Why do we have a health-care system that takes better care of immigrants than it does Americans? Why is it OK for millions of Americans to have to take an early withdrawal from their retirement accounts just to pay their bills and then get charged a 10-percent penalty for doing so? Who will take care of them when they retire if the government is squandering our Social Security and giving money to illegal immigrants? Of course we’re afraid! Who wouldn’t be? There are millions of Americans who are on the verge of retirement who no longer have sufficient retirement accounts to sustain them because the government has screwed up our economy so severely that it’s not possible to bring it back before millions reach retirement age.

Our government has turned this country into a country “for the immigrants” rather than “for the people.” They can live off our Social Security and welfare systems, but they don’t even have to learn English. They get hired for jobs for which they work with the public, but they still don’t speak English. What happened to the principle that says we are all treated equal? Americans have become the minority. We can’t get jobs that we’re qualified for because companies are afraid of being sued for turning away “minorities” who are not qualified.

Maybe Scripps Howard columnist Ann McFeatters is one of the few Americans who still has a retirement account. Otherwise, I don’t see how she could not see what the majority of Americans are going through! I think it’s long past time that our government recognize that their greediness is what’s causing this country to fail so badly. Get off your high horse and stop calling us un-American.

Those who don’t recognize that Americans are being left out in the cold are the ones who are un-American!

Denise Rougeau



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