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Posted: Tuesday, March 11, 2014 1:05 am

Shut up, he explained

The liberal Democrats are so predictable it’s actually funny. Now these liberals are calling Darrell Issa racist because he shut the microphone off when Elijah Cummings went into a nonsensical and pathetic rage at the Lois Lerner hearing, where once again she refused to testify. The minute Issa did what he had to do to stop Cummings’ hysterics, we all knew the race card would be played. The Democrats are playing any and every card and cheap shot they have to keep the American people from knowing the truth about all the obvious corruption in the IRS.

It’s alive!

Isn’t it nice to see that the sloth in Boston called the “Legislature” can bestir itself once in a while and take a break from getting jobs for their buddies and relatives and filling its own pockets with taxpayer money? Did anyone in this Commonwealth ever think he or would be a witness, in this lifetime, to the passing of a bill overnight and the governor’s signature affixed the next day? Must be because we are the laughingstock of the country. It was a good thing, though, to see them move themselves a bit so that we now know they are alive!

EBT abuse

While they’re on a roll, do you think the Beacon Hill legislators could fix the awful abuse of the EBT cards? Wouldn’t it be nice to think that they could do two things in one year?

No vote

Retired Andover teachers really did not have a “vote” on whether the town should take our current GIC insurance coverage away from us. As I understand it, we could express our opinions, ask questions and let the town know if we agree to a change or not. The actually decision on whether to stay with GIC or change to other options is made by the Board of Selectmen. So, we can say no as much as we want but it is not really a “vote” since it doesn’t really count. There must be other and much better ways for the town to save $300,000 than taking away our hard-earned and agreed upon insurance coverage when we retired.

Socrates says

A recent survey of young adults between the age 18 and 33 found they call themselves independents, are nonbelievers and do not go to any church. They do not believe in marriage but just live together. The philosopher Socrates said if any nation is to be brought down, it will be the young that do it. Look around us, read the headlines and ask was he onto something?

Time to move?

Those of us who reside in Methuen near Route 110, which the mayor now wishes to widen and open up to more retail facilities are shocked. After exerting so much effort to get the speed reduced and the road narrowed to reduce accidents and make this area safer, we are wondering where he has been living. Surely not on this planet. Well, it must be time to move out of Methuen.

Big bag ban

Hats off to United Airlines for putting an end to the oversized luggage in the overhead compartments. It’s about time. I hope the other airlines are quick to follow suit.


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