Parking study

I can't believe there is another study and delay in regard to a parking program in downtown Haverhill. I consider myself middle class, a typical resident and I absolutely expect to pay something for parking. Look around, those kiosks are everywhere! The amount must be similar to others (50 cents an hour, etc.) and the signs must be clear. It must also be fair so you should absolutely charge for parking near the courthouse! Don't think about charging to park at the library. Post a lot of signs about parking for library use only and follow through with towing. Any other private business owner is going to have to worry about enforcing the same thing. City leaders need to pick up the pace on initiatives such as this. These delays and studies are costing the city hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Farm

I recently read an article on the Lawrence Correctional Alternative Center. How can they put such dangerous people in such a minimum security housing unit?

Erratic drivers

The erratic driver in front of you is either under the influence of alcohol or drugs; distracted by one or more electronic devices; or lacking safe driving skills with no regard for traffic controls. I've driven over one-quarter million miles, some professionally. I've never seen so many drivers willing to put themselves and others at risk of death or serious injury.

No more mail

Please, Steve Zanni, don't send me any more pictures of you in the mail. They only go in the trash. The money you've raised doesn't turn me on.


I'm calling about the Sound Off comment "Hypocritical." Why is this person answering for all Christians in the United States? I'm sure there are people in every religion that are very small-minded, but to say that about all Christians — how hypocritical can you be? They sound to be extremely judgmental to me, so my question is: What's the difference?

Need casinos

I noticed that the anti-casino people, led by former state senator Sue Tucker, had a rally recently in Boston. When are these people going to get into the 21st century? They have the same stale arguments for not having casino gambling such as increased gambling addiction. If a person has a gambling addiction, then they can certainly fulfill it by going to the corner store and buying the state lottery tickets. I don't see anyone complaining about that. As far as crime, there's no safer place to be than in a casino. They don't tolerate any shenanigans of any kind. When was the last time you heard of someone holding up a bank to fulfill their gambling addiction? These people need to stop this and allow casino gambling in this state.

Gives hope

I would like to offer congratulations to Sasha Capo, the young woman who organized the recent march in our city. As a senior and a fifty-year resident of Lawrence, I am heartsick about our city, but she gave me hope.

Gas prices

I just wanted to comment on how happy I am that the gas prices are starting to come down a little bit. I think they could come down a little bit more. As soon as they come down to $3.25, I might actually stop commuting and start using my car again; instead of using public transportation and carpooling. I don't think the big companies need any more money than they already have anyway.

Big secret?

Mr. Cronin's answer to personal information just shows his arrogance and his distaste for any information, and it's a good reason for why he should not be mayor. What's the big secret about his wife, business, children?


I just want to say that Lantigua made a fool out of himself in front of City Hall. He should have behaved in a civil manner. Get him out of office pronto.

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