Enough shutdowns

Give President Trump credit, the troller-in-chief coherently explained how Democrats continue to shut down the government to meet their unrealistic, extra-constitutional demands year after year. He did so in a manner that was rhetorically strong enough to pierce the cone of ignorance that the selfie generation ensconces itself in with its Facebook news. As a result, a shutdown was over in two days, and the upcoming, bogus shutdown may not even happen.  Tactically speaking, Trump just removed one of the Democrats’ favorite arrows - the weaponized shutdown — from their quiver.

Listen to the Constitution

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has inserted a line into her frequent media appearances, saying President Trump’s comments about border enforcement “bring tears to the eyes of the Statue of Liberty.” For one thing, the statue was co-designed by French abolitionists to celebrate the end of slavery and affirm American liberty. For another, the U.S. Constitution is older than the inscription of a poem on that statue, and it should take political precedence in a congresswoman’s official actions, to wit, immigration policies that violate the Constitution. President Trump’s policies do not. Listen to the Constitution, not a statue.

Bone spurs

When I graduated college, the war in Vietnam was heating up. My plan was to become a pilot, but I injured my knee and needed surgery. The Navy told me as long as I could pass the physical, I could still go to flight school. After surgery, I blew out the knee again, and the damage was so extensive I could not pass a physical in any branch. The doctor told me the Army may be dumb, but it isn’t stupid. If you’re 22 and hurt your knee, they’ll pay disability for the rest of your life — no way will they draft you. President Trump supposedly had bone spurs. If he truly was the patriot he says he is, he could have had the bone spurs removed and served his country. If he’s never had them removed, they must be extremely painful. How is he able to play golf as often as he does

False charges

A New York Daily News front page carried the headline: NIXON BLASTS ‘FALSE CHARGES.’ Sound familiar? Those charges were true, and Richard Nixon quit before he was impeached. Looks like history is repeating itself.

Trump’s parade

President Trump’s budget will cut funding for Meals on Wheels for seniors, school lunches for poor kids and the Drug Enforcement Administration that is responsible for the fight against opioids. Yet, he has no problem spending money for a parade, so he can feed his ego. Is he serious or delirious?


Before Daniel Ellsberg released the Pentagon Papers, he was a Doomsday planner at the Pentagon. He analyzed what would happen if there a full-scale nuclear war. In a nutshell, he determined that after the bomb blasts killed hundreds of millions of people, fires and nuclear clouds in the atmosphere would block enough sunlight to make the crops stop growing. The net result would be the death of 98 percent of people on earth.

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