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Posted: Friday, February 21, 2014 12:05 am

Need a break

To the people who are running New Hampshire, you so-called leaders: You sure like to tax the people. I know you want to spend more money. When it comes to generating money, you don’t know how. I can almost bet the ones who keep pushing higher taxes are the same ones who vote down gambling. Give us a break.

Listen to hate

To the caller who claims the right is filled with hate, I have a suggestion for you: Try listening to the hate coming from your side via Ed Schultz, Bill Maher, Melissa Harris-Perry, Rachel Maddow, Martin Bashir, Chris Matthews, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc. Funny how liberals have on rose-colored glasses when it comes to their own, and do not want to allow any opposing viewpoints.

Lacking experience

People are complaining about the unemployed collecting and receiving help from welfare. I’m not happy about that either. But here’s my concern. People may not have the job experience or other qualifications needed for these jobs that are out there. Not everyone has a high school diploma, GED, or college degree. Even entry level jobs ask for ridiculous “qualifications” How can you get experience if no one will give you a chance? Don’t blame who really try, blame “employer/businesses! It’s like trying to get credit when no one gives you a chance! Yes jobs are out there, but not for the unqualified!


I know first-hand that the children are getting dumber and dumber! Why? Because we’re expecting less and less of them. They no longer are expected to memorize basic math facts, or are taught proper spelling or grammar. They are allowed to re-take any poorly scored test, and best yet, if a parent complains, the teacher must bend over and give the parent whatever he or she needs so they back off. Teachers are no longer told to teach; we are told to facilitate as kids explore in groups! The only thing we are teaching the kids is that they hold all power! I’m nervous for our future!


It is anticipated by some that the next issue created to further divide the American people, just before the election will be income inequality. Why yes, this is a subject that all of us should carefully look at. Let’s not squabble about minimum wage. The politicians must be delighted at the distraction that they create at the paupers who are fighting over change, and I don’t mean “hope and change”. Let’s have a full study and detailed report at what the politicians are getting paid from the lowest to the highest with all of the perks, benefits, freebies, raises, low interest loans, and their retirement benefits. The American people should be shown where the real income inequality is, while they are telling the voters that they are working for them. Who are they really working for? Yes, let’s have a look!

Missing Waite

Why do we read and hear about a druggie actor who overdoses over and over again for days? But when Ralph Waite died, we read and heard absolutely nothing! He was a good actor and a good person. He will be missed!


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