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Posted: Wednesday, October 24, 2012 12:05 am

Debate lesson

So what did we learn from the last debate? President Obama is still a self absorbed, arrogant individual, who would do better as a talk show host.

Women’s pay

The Lilly Ledbetter legislation and its proponents used the figure that women earned 77 cents for every $1 that men earned. To get that number they had to average all earnings. They ignored the fact that many women choose jobs that pay less and have shorter hours to fit their child-care needs. It also ignores seniority differences. The 77 cents on a dollar is not an apples-to-apples comparison and it is meant to confuse and not clarify the issue. Any candidate that doesn’t tell you so is lying.

PBS funding

I thought Ann McFeatter’s column on Saturday was fair until her last line when she said, “Sorry Big Bird. You’re sort of irrelevant.” I am very concerned that if Mitt Romney becomes president that he will cut funding for PBS as he has promised. I think PBS has many wonderful educational programs that are worthwhile, it surprises me that Ann does not think so and doesn’t seem to care if funding gets cut here.

Which Romney?

Since the first presidential debate, Mitt Romney has tried yet another round of being the Etch-A-Sketch candidate, counting on voters to have short memories. All year, he has run as a tea party conservative, vowing to undo all of President Obama’s accomplishments, including repealing the Affordable Care and Dodd-Frank acts. All of a sudden, he supports preserving major provisions of these laws? You may think you know which Romney you are voting for, but you don’t know which one you’ll actually get. I can say that he is the candidate of the rich and powerful and should not be trusted by the middle class.

Bottle fees

Instead of charging 5 cents for bottles and cans the price should be 25 cents. Just think what a nice feeling to get all that money back. If a person doesn’t want to pay that then he won’t consume what maybe isn’t good for him anyway. As for other litter thrown around — cigarette butts, paper — do what other countries do and fine them $500 for the first offense and more the second time. Pretty soon — no more trash.

Police raises

I see that Methuen’s Mayor Zanni has just rewarded the Police Department for its support during his election. What a surprise. We always knew he would side with the unions who supported him. It’s laughable how he pretends to have the best interests of the taxpayers. He gave the police a 10-percent raise, a continued pay incentive for higher education, and an increased uniform allowance. The biggest joke is increasing the salary of those police officers who can run fast, do push ups, sit ups, and shoot six rounds within 7.1 seconds. Are you kidding me? That should be a job requirement, not a bonus pay option. Taxes will be going up again in Methuen. Just like every year. I want another recount of the election.

True face

If you watched the vice presidential debates, you saw the true face of the Democratic Party. Sneer at your opponents, lie openly to the American people, do anything to keep power.


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