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Posted: Friday, September 13, 2013 12:05 am

Obama speech

Obama’s address to the nation regarding Syria was absolutely pathetic. It was weak, full of lies, nonsense, distortion of facts and the law and far from convincing. However, his speech strongly confirmed one thing, Obama still thinks we are all idiots and we will continue buy his incompetence and deception. But we are all waking up and realizing what a total disaster he is and what a horrible mistake we made giving him another term. God save America from this nightmare.


My wife asked me why I keep reading Sound Off when it’s become a forum for Obama bashers spewing venom against the president and his supporters. I explained that it’s actually comforting to read these constant rants about our Indonesian (or is it Kenyan?) born president, who is really a secret Muslim, with a devious atheist agenda, who pals around with terrorists — not counting Osama bin Laden, of course) — and wants to destroy our economy — if he can only figure out how to stop the stock market from hitting new record highs. After all, as someone who admires the president, it’s reaffirming to see what you’re up against. Besides, I’d much rather chuckle at the Obama-bashing than pick up Sound Off and find these same folks gushing over what a great job President Romney, or Senator Brown, or Senator Gomez, or Representatives Tisei, Guinta, Bass or Golnik are doing. Now that would really be something to get upset about.


So! My name is Carmen. My father’s name was Carmen as was my grandfather’s as was his father’s. My family has lived and continue to live in, and contribute to, the Merrimack Valley for well over 100 years. I am tired of being questioned why I am trying to cash my “wife’s” check or use “her” credit card by local stores and even banks. We are men we are proud of our Italian heritage and I take offense to those who make light of it or think it is funny. Yes, the new wave of immigrants have women named Carmen as well. So what! Show some respect.


Why is Alex Rodriguez still playing? It been weeks since he was given his suspension. Major League Baseball said that his appeal would be promptly reviewed and a finding would follow shortly thereafter. What’s the delay? One possibility, although I consider it to be absolutely without merit, is that MLB stands to make way more cash with the Yankees in the playoffs than perhaps Baltimore, Cleveland, or Kansas City.


Thank you to the city of Haverhill for the beautiful flowers we have enjoyed all season. They are eye-candy!

A coup?

Can Obama pull a coup d’état? Who would stop him? Holder would never stop him. Notice the purge of generals in the military lately? Has he positioned his people there? And he has all the dirt on U.S. citizens through the NSA surveillance. Is that how he got John Roberts to declare the Affordable Care Act constitutional? And don’t say Congress would impeach Obama. That means nothing. Who would arrest him? But he needs the government bureaucracy to actually heed his diktats. Why would they? Maybe because most of them are Democrats? Someone please explain what would happen with the scenario I have described.


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