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Posted: Friday, October 4, 2013 12:05 am

Won’t talk

President Obama has the classic “the emperor has no clothes” syndrome. He will negotiate with the Syrians, Iranians or the Muslim Brotherhood but will not negotiate with the dastardly Republicans. When did this country turn from a republic to a dictatorship?

Stand ground

Shutting down the government because President Obama will not postpone implementation of the Affordable Care Act or because the Congress cannot defund it, is asking Obama to give up his presidential legacy. ACA passed muster with the re-election of Obama, the Supreme Court ruling, and all constitutional requirements that turn bills into laws. Suddenly, led by Sen. Ted Cruz the House tea party comes alive and takes over from the feckless Speaker John Boehner and government comes to a halt! Stand your ground, President Obama!


Since Sept. 30, Republicans have been portraying themselves as the fair and noble party of compromise by proposing negotiations now to fund the government. It is just a ruse, baloney and worse. In fact, House and Senate Republicans have refused repeatedly since last April to negotiate fiscal year budget differences with their Democratic colleagues. Why? To force this confrontation now. Why? Because they never accepted that Obamacare is the law of the land, upheld by the Supreme Court. No more excuses and lies, please.

No sympathy

It’s hard to feel any sympathy for the injured Lawrence motorcyclist who had no right to even be driving. He clearly had no regard for the law or for any other legal drivers. Why should we pity him?

Don’t debate

To Dan Rivera: Do not debate the mayor. Run to restore honor and responsibility to the office of the mayor. He will demean your efforts and belittle you.

Need debate

I’d like to sound off about the content of Councilor Marc Laplante’s letter regarding Cara Martinoli. I was very impressed with her bio and thought her a worthy candidate until I was led to believe by the events that played out that she was in Willie’s pocket; therefore I voted for only two rather than three councilors-at-large. I hope she does consider remaining in the political arena. I also think it’s time for honesty and transparency in city government. What do the candidates stand for? Whom do they stand with? Will they bring people together or be more divisive? With the election just a month away we need to hear a debate on the issues. We need the candidates to respond and not simply ignore the requests of legitimate organizations and the voting public. Debate!


The Democrats are ridiculous and such frauds. They keep insisting Obamacare — or the Affordable Care Act — is so wonderful and everyone will just love it. Yet they exempt themselves from this debacle and to add insult to injury we the taxpayers get to pick up 75 percent of the cost to subsidize their existing platinum health care plan. On top of that in every press conference these hypocrite Democrats: President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Henry Waxman ad Jeanne Shaheen have admitted they didn’t read what’s in Obamacare/ACA. So they are once again playing the people as peasants and stupid. Well, we resent it and will show the Democrats how much in 2014.


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