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Posted: Wednesday, March 13, 2013 12:05 am


I have a solution to the plover problem: Get some feral cats from the SPCA and release them where they nest. Problem solved.


So concern over bird nests prevented federal authorities from approving the placement of protective barriers to save people’s homes on Plum Island? Species have always disappeared as they have become unable to cope with changes in their environment. Attempts by the federal government to slow the process because of pressures from lobbyists is again another thing to throw our money away on and in the case of Plum Island, cause real hardship on folks for the sake of a few birds. Really! It isn’t even that they are being harmed in any way. Ridiculous!

Big government

Just who are these people up on Plum Island who are making decisions on which private houses can stay and which will be removed? The last time I heard, adults can make their own mind up on whether or not it is too dangerous to live in a building and what needs to be done to be safe. These homes are on private property and the busy-body town officials are overstepping their mandates when they tell folks the choice has been removed and they have to leave. Big government in action! The “nanny-state” is alive and well in Massachusetts!

Lion attack

I know that it may be sad that a human got mauled by a lion, but the lion should not have been shot. The human was already dead. I think that all zoos should be closed. If you or your child wants to see a lion, then go on the Internet. These animals should be in their natural habitat. The lion was being a lion, only it was not able to run away in the jungle, because there were man-made fences at the zoo. I am so sick of animal abuse, and, yes I am a vegetarian.

City Council

Once again the Lawrence City Council proved to be spineless. I’ve never seen such a group that tables everything for the next meeting. Frank Moran proved to be playing favoritism to his boss the mayor and Eileen Bernal just didn’t want to deal with the situation. We need people on the council who are looking out for the welfare of the people of Lawrence and not fearing the wrath of our mayor. The deputy police chief did a bad thing. He should be responsible for his wrong doing and eliminating his position is one step in doing that. Another is to stop his paycheck. This is common sense but it looks as if our councilors don’t have that. Well, the citizens of Lawrence can do something about this and not vote for these spineless councilors when they run in the next election.

Wasting money

I see another commenter’s point about Andover spending $400,000 on tennis courts. I also agree that this money could be better spent somewhere else. The commenter suggests this money would be more useful going towards teachers, firefighters, and police. I agree. That $400,000 could pay one of each.


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