Fine candidate

I was blown away by the candidate for Lawrence's finance director when I saw him being interviewed by the City Council. The man is amazing. He comes from Springfield, he's been on their finance control board, has all of the municipal experience you could ask for, and he is a CPA. His answers were direct and articulate. The council would do well to pass him on Tuesday night and get him on the job as soon as possible.

Thanks for Campbell

Thank heavens for State Rep. Linda Dean Campbell, who wrote a letter to Gov. Patrick. I think we should all drop a line. Maybe he can do something to get Lawrence back. I read in the paper about all of the robberies, people have stolen from churches, people aren't safe. Things are getting way out of hand. Something is going on. There's a lot of money involved here that people are getting and it's not good.

Bus stops

With the concern of childhood obesity these days, why is it that the school buses stop at every street corner? There should be designated bus stops and they should not be at every street corner.

Salem's problems

If a certain selectman and his followers hadn't voted in the money for the road improvements when it had already been voted down at the Town Meeting, then Salem wouldn't be going through the problems that they're going through now.


What kind of mayor is Mr. Lantigua when he doesn't respond to articles that are printed in The Eagle-Tribune? I think it's time to get rid of him.

Telephone books

What's wrong with people? Two weeks ago, telephone books were left by our mailboxes. What are they waiting for? To be picked up by snowplows to move them?

Blame Obama

Of course Hurricane Irene was Obama's fault. I believe the Democrats blamed Hurricane Katrina on Bush, didn't they?

Bush's vacations

I'm calling in defense of President Bush's vacations. The taxpayers did not have to pay for his room and board when he was in Texas or in Kennebunkport because they were family owned properties. The taxpayers do have to pay for President Obama's vacations.

Drinking water

Regarding the Sound Off caller commenting on tap water vs. bottled water: Tap water is fine if you have your sources from ponds, lakes or wells. But it's a different matter for communities getting their supply from the Merrimack River. My wife's primary care physician was running multiple tests for her unexplained intestinal issues and weight loss. His first comment to her was "I hope you are not drinking tap water from the Merrimack. You need to stick with bottled water."

Money talks

To Methuen residents: When it comes to voting day on Sept. 8, don't let the candidate who has raised the most money for their campaign sway you. That doesn't mean he or she is the better one to run our city. Money may talk, but common sense rules over money.

Ticket them

Where are the police? I've seen people making U-turns on Essex Street and on other streets in the city in the early hours of the morning. Ticket them. Then the city will have lots of money.

Toward the future

It's pretty obvious why one particular candidate for mayor of Methuen says we should look towards the future. If you look at the last six years, there have been six consecutive tax increases. That's probably why he wants to focus on the future.

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